Essential Tarot Reading Guide


Beautiful Tarot Cheat Sheets on all 78 card enhancing therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living.


The Tarot Reading Essential Guide is here. Forget what is the frustration when looking at the card and not knowing what it means. This guide will give you fast and exact cards meanings.

This guide is crafted not only for a beginner Tarot reader but also an intermediate reader to have all information easy reachable when on the go.

This 15-page Tarot Reading Essential Guide includes:

  • Tips on cleansing and connecting to your deck
  • Major and Major Arcana key points
  • Suits explanation
  • Cheat sheets on both Major and Minor Arcanas

Cheat sheets is the highlight of this guide. You will find straight to the point explanation on every 78 card in the deck! 

You will find photos of every card, so it will be easy to find every card and get the insight right away.

I guarantee that you will feel immediately more comfortable when reading cards and beginner struggles won’t be as hard anymore.

Expand your knowledge through my Tarot knowledge. I want to share this with you so that you can grow and become more comfortable in your Tarot readings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you finish your purchase, please stay on the same page where you will see downloadable link of your Guide. If you leave the website without downloading the file, you will need to return to the website and search for your past purchases where you will be able to find the link again. If you are experiencing any problems, please contact me via Contact form at the end of the front page. I will get back to you within 2 working days time.


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