ASMR Video Tarot Reading


Get your answers without leaving your home. YouTube’s favourite!

Video Tarot readings are the most popular on my YouTube channel. Get a feeling of visiting a Tarot salon without moving out of your house!

Conscious Meditative Tarot Reading with ASMR triggers.

Triggers can include: card shuffling, whispers, personal attention, tapping, reading, koshi sounds, singing bowl, flowers and more.

Why to choose ASMR Video Tarot Reading?

I talk to you, I film the process, you watch it anytime.
Full focus and 360 degrees view on your selected situation (love, career, future etc.)
You will get an access to your video for a lifetime.
Watch the video on your phone, computer, anywhere you are!

The process:

As soon as I receive the payment, I send you a confirmation back and ask you to send me your question. When I receive it, it goes into the queue but you will always receive your answer within 5 working days.

Delivery time: 5 working days.

How I work with your energy?

After receiving your e-mail with a question or situation explained, I read it carefully and meditate couple of minutes while shuffling the cards. Once I’m ready and feel your energy flowing through my hands, I start pulling some cards our and put them on the desk. The number of cards pulled will depend on how many of them your energy will require me.

I take special care to each person I read to and invest a lot of my personal energy to connect with the cards and yourself/your problem. You will receive a highly intuitive reading which will help you to open yourself to the situation, problem or the solution. For more information about my readings, please click on FAQ.

What will you receive?

You will receive a private Youtube video link to a high quality 20-30 min pre-recorded Tarot video. If you request, I can also send your video via WeTransfer to be able to watch it offline.